depression after spinal cord injury

The difficult circumstances, pain and grief after spinal cord injury often leads to  depression. Neither It’s just a feeling down, nor a state of mind, but a disease, that needs proper care and attention.

Depression after spinal cord injury, effects every aspect of your life in negative manner. It may have negative impact on your friends, marriage, parenting and career. It effects your thoughts,emotions, behaviors and health.


In depression, you may have feelings of Sadness, Hopelessness, Guilt, Moodiness and anger. You may lose interest in your favorite activities. It also effects your ability to concentrate, decide and remember. Physically, depression effects your sleep, appetite, energy level  and weight loss or gain.



The good news is, that depression is treatable like any other disease. A counseling session with psychologist and use of antidepressants drugs can help you feel better. Sessions with psychologist can help you eliminate negative thoughts. It develops a positive mental attitude towards life and you get engaged in useful and enjoyable activities . Chemical balance of your brain changes due to depression and antidepressants drug help restoring it back to normal.

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You must try avoiding depression after spinal cord injury. Because you need to be in good mental condition to take care of yourself. Good mental health and positive attitude is very important to lead active life after spinal cord injury. Acting on all those good tips in previous articles on our site can help you avoid depression and you do not reach the stage, where you require antidepressant drugs or psychologists. However, if you are not mentally feeling well, then you can run a depression test at your own. You should ask yourself few questions according to the test. if you score above the dangerous threshold of 10 and you are in this condition for over a week or two, then you must seek treatment and consult a doctor,psychologist, psychiatrist or counselor.