How to catheterize yourself male?

This guide describes the independent intermittent catheterization male tips. Read and follow the advice given below to get the intermittent urinary catheterization procedure done without the assistance of a caregiver, guardian.

Intermittent catheterization male

1. Arrange all the stuff needed for IC which are as follows:

  • Intermittent urinary catheter
  • Tidy cotton pieces
  • Tissues
  • Sterile gauze pieces
  • Urine holding container
  • Catheter Lubricant jelly
  • Sanitizer and soap
  • Piodine solution
  • Towel
  • Water-proof piece of cloth

2. Take the position you find it easy to get the procedure done, either in a sitting position on toilet, wheel chair or lying position on bed

3.Put off the pants and place water-proof strap around penis to safe the legs from getting soaked from urine droplets.

4.Safely place the urine holder between your wide opened legs to collect it during intermittent catheterization male.

5.Wash hands and clean the shaft of the penis with the cotton piece soaked with iodine/piodine solution.

6.Squeeze xylocaine jelly onto left palm(if you are right handed) .Use your right hand(which must be sterile) holding the catheter and dip its tip into left-handed jelly. Be careful, the xycolcaine jelly must not block the catheter entrance hole.

7.Grip and pull out the shaft of the penis with your left hand to help ease in the insertion of the catheter with the right hand. Do not tightly grip the penis as this may block the catheter moving through the urinary tract.

8.Penetrate the catheter gently in to the penile opening. Do it slowly as the slightest negligence can hurt urethra.Occasionally, the catheter stops moving inside when it approaches the bladder sphincter muscle opening. Wait for few seconds to allow the sphincter muscles to relax and try again.

9.Having a catheter inserted, wait for the bladder to get emptied completely. Don’t be in a hurry. Safely remove the catheter .

10 .drop it in the recycle bin to be washed for the future reuse and empty the urine holder into lavatory.

11 .clean penis with the towel.

Intermittent catheterization male guide would be followed by female guide.