This is part 2 of our Electric powered wheelchairs 

Electric power chair  consists of the following parts 

  • Tyres . Electric power chair parts consists of two  front tyres and two back tires. Front tires are usually of 6 inches and back tires are of 12 inches. They can either be pneumatic or solid. Pneumatic helps in shock absorption and comfortable ride on uneven terrain. With solid tires you don’t have to worry about air pressure and puncture problems.


  • Motors. Every electric power chair  has a pair of motors attached to gear box of big wheels. They provide power to drive the chair. Usually their voltage is 24. Their watt shows their power. The higher the watt the more powerful will be the motors with greater torque to climb slopes. Rotations Per Minute (RPM) shows speed of motors.


  • Controller. Controller is the brain of electric powered wheelchairs. It consists of a joy stick and power module. In some electric wheelchairs, joystick and power module are in single piece. In its internal circuit it has Hbridge that controls the amount and direction of current. Knob of electric wheelchair controls movement of electric wheelchair. Electric wheelchair moves in which ever direction you move its Knob. Ampare of  controller shows its power. Usually controllers of Chinese electric wheelchairs have Ampare of 50. High speed outdoor electric wheelchair have controller of 100 ampare or above. The higher the ampare the greater the torque and speed.


  • Armrest and seat. To keep you safe during ride, armrest of electric wheelchair are strong. Seat dimensions should be according to body measurements and comfort. With increase in disability more supportive armrest and seat will be needed.


  • Shock absorber. Shock absorbers are very useful  power chair parts, in case you often move outdoor. It makes the ride comfortable and decrease shocks to spine on uneven terrain outside.


  • Batteries. Every electric  wheelchair has a pair of batteries that provide power. They are dry and maintainance free. AH means ampare hours showing charge holding capacity of batteries. The higher the AH the greater the milage of power chair. AH of batteries should be at least that much high that you don’t need to charge the chair more than once a day.

power chair parts

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Types of electric wheelchair

Types on basis of terrain

  • Indoor electric wheelchair. These kinds of power wheelchair are suitable for using in indoor movements where the surface is plane. Such electric wheelchair are usually folding power chair, have small batteries and low ampare controller. Big advantage of such wheelchair is that it can easily be folded for transportation purposes.
  • Indoor outdoor electric wheelchair. Such chairs can be used indoor as well as  outside also but not suitable for larger distance and uneven terrain. Such chairs usually have speed of 4mph.
  • outdoor electric wheelchair. Outdoor wheelchair have solid strong frame, have big batteries and powerful controller and motors. They are generally unfold able and equipped with shock absorber for comfortable ride on uneven terrain. They have lighting system for journey on roads.

Types on basis of driving wheels.

Electric wheelchair can be classified on basis of driving wheels also. Some are front wheel drive, some mid wheels and other rear wheels. Rear wheel drive are suitable for fast drive outside. Others are suitable for moving in tight spaces.

power chair parts

Features of electric wheelchair

Some electric wheelchairs are simple but some have different power chair parts features like Tilt, recline, and standing . Tilt recline are good for pressure release to avoid pressure sores and good sitting balance for quadriplegics. Standing wheelchairs are good for health. Standing helps in maintaining bones density and has other health benefits also.

power chair parts