Removing faults

Electric wheelchair is sophisticated but durable machine. Normally if you maintain it properly then no big fault occur. However some common minor faults can be removed. Below are the Power wheelchair repair techniques

  • If it eats a lot of charge and travel small distance then check for air pressure of tyres.


  • If low mileage is not because of air pressure of tyres then check its batteries and replace them with new.


  • If it’s not starting or showing low charge then charge the batteries.


  • If it’s controller is showing sign of error then it is possibly because of loose cables. Check all the cables including cables of motors, controller and battery. Unplug them clean them and plug in again. Hopefully error sign will disappear.


  • If the motors are noisy or giving problems then replace its carbons or overhaul them. Normally electricians of cars can do the power wheelchair motors repair job. You may need to brief them a bit about motor voltage and electromagnetic breaks.


Power wheelchair repair techniques

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Electric wheelchair is a big gift of science for all those who cannot walk especially severely disabled persons.  It’s part of your body so select the best one that you can according to your requirements.

I have been carrying spinal cord injury (quadriplegia) for the last fifteen years. During that tenure I have changed several electric wheelchairs.

Initially I had a 4 mph electric wheelchair then changed to 5 mph. With extra speed and mileage I felt more energetic.

My next choice is to buy a 6 mph or above chair with shock absorber and lighting system to be able to move more faster on roads and travel longer distance.

Point is you should buy best possible electric wheelchair that you can. It will add a lot of independence and choice to your life and will improve your life quality. See me riding electric wheelchair on road in video below.

Feel free to comment if you find any other Power wheelchair repair techniques.