intermittent catheterization

tenodesis splints quadriplegic catheter

Quadriplegic catheter selection guide for bladder management

Catheter selection for Quadriplegics  In article about bladder management, we discussed in detail about different types of catheter and their pros and cons. In this article, we will discuss about suitability of various catheter for quadriplegics. When selecting quadriplegic catheter for bladder management, quadriplegics should look at two aspects: First…

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intermittent urinary catheterization male

Intermittent catheterization male guide

How to catheterize yourself male? This guide describes the independent intermittent catheterization male tips. Read and follow the advice given below to get the intermittent urinary catheterization procedure done without the assistance of a caregiver, guardian. 1. Arrange all the stuff needed for IC which are as follows: Intermittent urinary…

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