This is part 1 one of electric powered wheelchairs for quadriplegics

Who needs electric wheelchair?

Mobility is must for life. But if your disability is severe or you are having spinal cord injury at high level known as quadriplegia then you will be unable to move maual wheelchair. The only solution for you to move independently will be electric wheelchair also known as power wheelchair.

As in quadriplegia or other severe disability, one is unable to push manual wheelchair so electric wheelchair becomes very important for moving independently. With it you can not only move inside home but can move outside also. You can go several kilometers away from home independently, can go to market, do shopping and meat friends. So it adds a lot of independence and choice to your life and improve your quality of life. It is not only helpful for quadriplegics but also for those Paraplegics who want to go several kilometers away from home. Manual wheelchair is good indoor but for outdoor mobility electric wheelchair is required.

My experience

electric powered wheelchairs






I myself being quadriplegic has been using electric powered wheelchair for the last twelve years. It has served me very well and has added a lot of independence in my life. Every day in the morning I sit on it and feel  very powerful and can go wherever I want to go. I go to mosque, market and any where else I like to go . It has now become part of my body and I cannot imagine passing a day without it.

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Electric powered wheelchair in Pakistan 

Electric powered wheelchair is indeed expensive and majority of the individuals suffering from severe disabilities in Pakistan  can’t afford it. Its price varies depending upon its model and features available in it.

It’s price starts from 1 lac up to millions rupees. Until few years ago, it was very difficult to find electric wheelchair in my country Pakistan because first,  they were expensive and second, one had to import it from UK or America.

But now Chinese electric wheelchairs are easily available in surgical shops of big cities. Chinese made are comparatively cheaper in price. Yes lower in quality, but not very bad if you compare prices with UK made.

Disabled’s organization Milestone in collaboration with Japanese NGO is also providing used electric powered wheelchairs to severely disabled Persons.