As we have read in early parts that electric wheelchairs are available in different models, having different features and different price. Which kind of electric wheelchair is suitable for you that depends on different factors. Let’s look at electric wheelchair selection guidelines below.

1. If you spend majority of daily time indoors and don’t go outside far away then indoor electric wheelchair will be suitable for you. Because these are cheaper , lightweight and can easily be folded for transportation purposes or to be carried in car.

2. If you occasionally go outside home but like the chair to be carried in car also then indoor outdoor chair will be suitable for you.

3.If you travel far away from home, on uneven grounds and on roads then heavy duty outdoor chair with solid frame, shock absorber, big batteries and lighting system will serve you well.

4.If you are quadriplegic, can’t release pressure and are sensitive to pressure sores then electric wheelchair with tilt and recline features will be good for you.

5. If you care more about bone density and other health benefits then standing electric wheelchair is for you.

Outdoor wheelchair selection

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If you are fan of heavy duty outdoor power chair then keep in mind following points before buying one.

1. First of all the frame should be solid and strong. You can compromise on its ability to fold.

2. It must have shock absorber to avoid shocks to spine and comfortable ride on road or uneven terrain.

3. Batteries should be big so that you can  travel large distance.

4. It’s controller and motors should be powerful to provide good torque and speed.

5. You must take great care of its speed before buying outdoor chair. As you will be driving it on road also so it’s speed must be 6mph(10kmh) or above.

6. It should be equipped with lighting system to drive safely on roads.

7. If both front and back tyres are big but solid then you will worry less about puncture problems.