emotional setting after spinal cord injury

You were living a full active life, flying high in career or were in pursuit of your dreams, then an accident occurred resulting in spinal cord injury which changed your life completely!

You face a lot of new problems, your dependence on others increase, your limitations increase and you feel like being caged in your body. It’s quite natural to feel sad and be in grief initially.

But the sooner you come out of the grief and move towards active life, the better it would be for you.


  Here are few tricks that will help you emotionally feel good and satisfied after spinal cord injury:

  • Accept the reality as early as possible. You will no longer be able to walk on your feet that’s ok. You can use wheels instead.
  • You are not the only one in this situation. There are many people living successful lives in wheelchair after spinal cord injury. Meet them, study their lives, seek inspiration from them and follow their footsteps.
  • Concentrate on your rehabilitation. Get yourself as much independent as possible. Your body behaves differently after spinal cord injury. Understand your body! This will help you in solving problems and getting used to new body easily.
  • Get yourself busy as early as possible after spinal cord injury . This will help you forget your losses grief.
  • If you were student before, continue with your studies. If doing job or business, carry on with it.
  • Create the confidence and guts inside yourself to face the world in wheelchair.
  • Concentrate on your abilities, ignore your disability. Discover your hidden potentials. Polish your skills and use them to your benefit.
  • Get involved in society in a positive way. Make new friends and share your feelings with them. Sometimes a seemingly difficult problem can be easily solved by a friend of yours. So sharing problems with friends can help.

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