Quadriplegia abnormal body reactions part 2

People with quadriplegia face the loss of body thermostat control gifted to able bodied people by nature.

For able-bodied persons what happens is : in winters, blood capillaries near skin contracts to stop body warmth radiating out in the atmosphere. In summer, the same capillaries expand to radiate out excessive body heat. The purpose for both the functions is to control the body temperature within the tolerance level safe for human existence.

Quadriplegia, on the other hand, shiver in winter due to excessive heat loss while suffer fever In summer due to excessive heat gain.

But do you know what: this same shortcomings can be used to our advantage, which could not be enjoyed by able bodied persons, in the following ways:

In summer, if you sit inside an air conditioning environment for an hour or two, your un-contracted blood vessels ensure you fill in enough coolness in your body, to easily live in a hot temperature environment for the rest 5 to 6 hours.

Your body actually has developed camel power !. Camels drink and store water in advance in their humps to keep them running in deserts for many days to come.   Such a gift, if you imagine, is not awarded to able bodied persons. They start to feel hot within few minutes of leaving air conditioned environment.

Similarly, in winters, if you sit on the face of heater for few hours, your “ab-normal” capillaries ensures you fill in enough heat to live comfortably in cool atmosphere for the next few hours. I can do it even without my shirt put on. Bare body!   Such a strength cannot be shown by my friends or family members.


In short, if disability steal away your powers in some way, it strengthens you in other ways too. All what matters is the perception with which we look at our own selves and the world.

Here in this article, we have discussed temperature control phenomenon in quadriplegia abnormal body reactions part 2. Read also part 1 of our series : How quadriplegics benefit from abnormal sweating phenomenon