In quadriplegia, the fingers movements or hand grip is affected, so it becomes very difficult to perform daily tasks. Every body wants independence in life and to add some sort of independence to quadriplegics life, various tools can be made.

In the following lines, you will read in detail about quadriplegic tools, that can help them achieve some sort of hand grip and become independent in life.

Tenodesis splints

Tenodesis is the effect in which fingers of hands flex by extending wrist. Even in healthy persons the phenomenon can be observed. If the spinal cord injury is C6 or below in quadriplegics, then they can have active wrist extension.

The active wrist extension can be used in quadriplegic tools or splints for facilitating hand grip. Such splints are known as tenodesis splints. The basic principle of such splint is that the index finger and thumb come closer and form grip if you extend wrist. You can see that in pictures below.

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Quad Reacher:

Quad Reacher can be used for bringing different stuff from ground to lap, from cupboard, table and from places above head. In most of quadriplegic tools reachers, grip is facilitated by extending wrist actively. Pictures of some quad Reachers are given below.

quad reacher

I also have made a reacher for myself in which grip is formed when I extend wrist. You can see in the video below how easily I am taking stuff from ground to table and from table to ground. My reacher is simple and I have made it at my home. You can make it too.

Quadriplegic tools for typing

Computer is indeed a great source of knowledge, work and entertainment these days. In quadriplegia, typing becomes a difficult task because of lack of finger movements . The task can be made a bit easier by using following tools.

quadriplegic tools typing

Quadriplegic tools for writing

Writing is indeed an essential part of every one’s life. In individuals suffering from quadriplegia writing becomes difficult because of inability to hold pen due to lack of fingers movements. Following tools can assist quadriplegics in writing.

quadriplegic tools writing

Quadriplegic tools for eating

The greatest taste one can enjoy from food is by eating it by self . Unfortunately because of lack of fingers movements, joy is compromised for quadriplegics. Here are some tools that help quadriplegics get independent in eating food and enjoy it.


Universal cuff

It is a splint that can be used for various activities by quadriplegics. You can insert pen or pencil into it and write. It can also be used for eating purposes by inserting spoon and fork into it.

quadriplegic tools universal hand cuffs

Quadriplegic tools for Driving

With no fingers movements and gripping power can quadriplegics drive? How will they turn the key to start the car? How will they operate staring and push they breaks and accelerator?

Answer to all these questions is yes. Today worldwide, many quadriplegic are driving cars independently by using gadgets or hand controls.

Let’s start with starting  of car first. In the tool below you can see that no active fingers movements are required for turning the key and starting the car. The job can easily be done by using wrist or palm.

quadriplegic tools driving

With tools below the staring control job can be done. You just have to stuck your hand in it for turning the staring and moving car.

The hand control below can be used for applying the breaks or accelerator. You just have to push it for applying the break  and pull it for applying the accelerator.

quadriplegic tools driving2

In short, there are various assistive devices for quadriplegics available in the market, some of which could me made at home too with little effort by a care giver.